Back on track (mostly)

One month ago, I confessed that I hadn’t been doing much training for this marathon I signed up for. Turns out, that might have been just the motivation I needed to get started. I’ve actually been doing pretty well since then. For starters, I actually wrote a training plan.

So at least I have a plan now. I haven’t been following it exactly, but at least I’ve run a couple of times.

Here’s a quick list of the workouts I’ve done in the last 4 weeks. It’s not as impressive as I wanted it to be, but at least I feel like I’m making progress:

June 28: Swim. Not really part of the kettlebell/running plan, but still a good cardio workout.
June 29: Kettlebell snatches, 50 sets of 9. That’s 450 snatches in 25 minutes. Not bad.
June 30: Swim.
July 3: Run 6 miles, averaging 8:41 per mile. A little slow, but also the first time I’ve run over 4 miles in about 4 years. I’m happy; it was a good first week.

July 6: Kettlebell snatches, 30 sets of 9. I was going to go for all 80 sets, but my workout got interrupted partway through and I just didn’t get back to it.
July 8: Swim.
Not a good week; sandwiched between a holiday and a 3-day out-of-town trip, I only had 3 days to workout, while also cramming 5 days worth of clients into those same 3 days. Plus the 6-mile run left me sore for 4 days…not a good sign of things to come.

July 11: Kettlebell snatches, 60 set of 9, or 540 snatches in 30 minutes. Good stuff.
July 13: Run 7.21 miles, averaging 8:31 per mile. I’m really proud of this one, even though it should have been done the week before. That’s a fast pace for me, but it didn’t feel too hard.
July 16: Run 9.07 miles, averaging 8:46 per mile. Slow again, but I blame the heat (this was Saturday morning; it was already close to 85 degrees and too damn humid). But once again, I have to point out that this is the farthest I’ve run in 4 years. And I felt pretty good afterwards. I think the kettlebell routine is actually working. Never before in my life could I have just hopped off the couch and ran 9 miles.

This week:
July 18: Kettlebell snatches, 80 sets of 9. That’s 720 snatches in 40 minutes. I made it! This was my current kettlebell goal; I’ll probably try to hit it one more time, to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. But then it’s time to either pick up a heavier kettlebell and try it again, or change the routine from 15 seconds work/15 seconds rest, to 32 seconds work/32 seconds rest. I’ll probably go for the latter.
July 20: Kettlebell snatches, 20 sets of 9. Not enough rest after the last workout. My back and neck were bothering me, and I could feel a blister forming on one of my hands. Rather than try to push it, I set the kettlebell down. Better luck next time.

The plan is to go for another run on Saturday. Hopefully it won’t be too hot; the training plan calls for 11 miles. Sounds like a lot, but then, so did 9 miles.

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